About Inspirus

What makes our credit union different
Inspirus is a great place to save and a great place to learn about money, too. A credit union is different from a bank because it's owned by the people who use it. That means the credit union works extra hard to help you save money any way it can.

Our credit union is even a little bit different from other credit unions. That's because we've made it super easy to manage your money. Instead of having to come to our buildings in Seattle and Spokane, you can use your phone, computer, ATMs, or the mail. No matter where you live, your money is always handy, day or night!

When you save your money at the credit union, we'll pay you money just for keeping it with us (that extra money is called a "dividend"). Be sure to ask your mom or dad about something called e-Statements. When you use them instead of paper statements, you'll earn even more!