Club Details

We know there's nothing exciting about a regular old savings account and that you want something different for your kids. Our M3 Money Club® for kids, is a new and fun way to bring financial education into your home. M3 introduces young members (up to age 12) to an exciting world where superheroes rule and learning about money is cool. Open an Tendto Credit Union savings account for your child (or grandchild) and they’ll become a part of the M3 Money Club®. They’ll join our cast of young superheroes dedicated to learning positive money skills.

As a member of M3 your child will receive:

  • An M3 Membership Card
  • An M3 Rewards Card. For each ten punches earned, they’ll earn a cool prize. One punch per $10 deposit, per day. Child must be present to have card punched.
  • A Piggy Bank
  • M3 Newsletter. Click here for the latest issue of the M3 Newsletter
  • A Special Birthday Card from the M3 Characters
  • Plus, M3 Members can open a 1-year Certificate of Deposit (CD) with just $100. They can make additional deposits in increments of $25.00 and there is no penalty for early withdrawal.
  • Games, contests, & prizes. The M3 website has fun games that teach how and why it’s important to save money! Tendto Credit Union offers special events and prizes throughout the year for our Youth members.

M3 parents check this out:

  • Access to the M3 parent's website. Join the M3 community online
  • Quarterly statement of your child's account. You and your child can track his or her savings

Ready to join the M3 Club?

Membership in the M3 Money Club requires the child's name, social security number and the opening of a $5 share (savings) account for the child at Tendto Credit Union. A parent/guardian is required to be on the account. Once they open an M3 Money Club account, your kids will have their very own savings account that rewards them quarterly, plus they'll earn prizes while they learn! What's better than that?!

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