Operation: Pick 'em and Purchase (aka: making money choices)

Saving money is not always easy. We have to make choices on how we save our money. See how Cash and Violet are savingfor their money goals:

Violet’s Money Choice

Hi, I’m Violet and I’m saving for a keyboard that costs $100.

The plan: If I can save $20 a month, I will be able to buy my keyboard in five months.
The challenge: My friends like to go to the movies. Each time I go with them, I spend $10. The more I do this, the longer it takes to reach my goal.

Violet’s decision: I will skip a few movies and save my money.

Cash’s Money Choice

My name is Cash. I want to buy a baseball glove for $80.

The plan: I can save $10 a week. This means I can buy my glove in eight weeks.
The challenge: I like to buy game apps for my iPad. They’re fun to play, but if I am not careful, I can spend too much money.

Cash’s decision: I will try out free games and demos. This will help me to save my money.

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