Operation: Free For All

(AKA= Not everything costs money)

There’s an easy way to save money. Do stuff that won’t cost you a cent. Free. Zilch. Zero. Look around, there are free things to do everywhere.

Our new Free-O-Gram (FOG) rating system helped us uncover four things kids can do for free. Wait until Dr. Spendit hears about this. He won’t be too happy.

Visit a library.
Most libraries let you check out books, magazines, DVDs and video games for free. Some even have movie nights, plays and other fun things to do.
M3 FOG rating: ♦♦♦♦
(power tip: return anything you check out on time to avoid a late fee)

Play in a park.
Any place that lets you run around, fly a kite, play games, ride a bike  and spend hours on a playground, all for free, is pretty cool.
M3 FOG rating: ♦♦♦♦
(power tip: don’t forget to bring some snacks from home)

Watch a movie at home.
Going to a movie theatre can be expensive. Instead, invite friends over and have a movie night. Make some popcorn and you’re ready for fun.
M3 FOG rating: ♦♦♦
(power tip: budget for popcorn, DVD rental or Netflix subscription)

Help make dinner.
Cooking your own food with a parent is a fun way to spend time. Get creative and set up a fancy restaurant at home. It’s cheaper than going out to eat.
M3 FOG rating: ♦♦♦
(power tip: mom and dad still have to pay for the grocery store food)

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