Operation Spend Smart

(Turbo-fy Your Savings Power)

Megatown is in danger! Its savings power is very low. If Dr. Spendit hatches one of his schemes, people may spend (and lose!) all their money.

Here’s where you come in… Help people save money by shopping smarter. If they find the same item for less, they’ll save more.

Let’s start with our M3 heroes. See if you’re a smart spender…

Cash wants a new cape and his budget is $20        

Cape 1 Brand New Model $20
Cape 2 Older but super-powered $14.50




THE DECISION: Cape 2 is the smart choice. Cash can still defeat Dr. Spendit AND have money left over.

Violet wants to add a rocket charger to her Electro-Scooter! her budget is $35       

Charger 1 Simple but state-of-the-art $22
Charger 2 100 features she doesn’t need $28




THE DECISION: Charger 2 is cool, but Charger 1 has everything Violet needs (and she’ll save $6).

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